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Ms. Yao Wei is a senior expert in art exhibitions. she studied in Japan in the early 1990s and returned to China in 2002. After her return, she co-founded the China International Gallery Exposition (CIGE) with Mr. Dong Mengyang. From 2007 to 2009, she served at the Cultural Development Center of the State Ministry of Culture where she successfully organized the China Trust Gallery Travelling Exhibition in Hong Kong and Tokyo, through which she promoted China’s contemporary art to the world. In 2009, she led a delegation of 39 excellent Chinese artists to stage the “Ink not Ink” China Contemporary Ink-painting Invitation Exhibition in Drexel University in the US, which covered ink-painting, installation, photography and other categories. In 2009, she returned to Art Beijing Exposition to serve as the executive vice-director.  In 2018, she founded Art Fair in Hotel Beijing.

After four years of market testing, AFIH is gaining more and more acceptance from art collectors and art lovers. The scope of AFIH2023 Autumn will continue the key words of ‘Art, Design and Quality life’. This edition will include contemporary and classical artworks, top-notch aesthetics brands, contemporary artists and designers, designer furniture, daily-use items, clothes, accessories and lifestyle products, where authentic scenes of quality life will be constructed. Artworks do not exist in isolation. They function best when placed in proper set- tings and echoing with each other. It will be an ideal blending of art and design. And the unique hotel setting has proven great success in triggering buyers’ desire to buy and collect. Each room of Four Seasons Hotel Beijing at AFIH2023 Autumn will be used as an exhibition unit, where artworks will be shown in a way closest to being displayed at home. Buyers are encouraged to envisage what the art piece would look like in their homes, blurring the line between art and daily life. Above that, all exhibitors will experience the luxurious leisure facilities of Four Seasons Hotel Beijing, the state-of-the-art technologies and services of the five stars hotel. During the fair, which will last three days in total, we will cooperate with top luxury brands, luxury cars lines, law firms on Chaoyang CBD, international schools, the Hong Kong Jockey Club and other institutions to invite VIP clients to engage in a cross-disciplinary integration. Eventually, we hope to build a platform for art trading and communication.

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Beijing Mefun Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional international art exhibition and management brokerage company, established in 2013, the company is headquartered in Beijing by senior art exhibitor Ms. Yao Wei as the general manager. The company's main operations include art exhibition, art works and IP brokerage, artist management, art marketing consulting, etc.




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