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The AFIH guest group entered the second floor of Star Gallery and began to enjoy a sumptuous afternoon tea. The guests said that the interactive session was really interesting, which made them understand the gallery industry that they did not know.


The first phase of AFIH Collection Initiation Program in 2021 opened in the sunny and bright afternoon. AFIH members and art lovers gathered in the outdoor area of 798 cafe. The three galleries selected by AFIH founder Yao Wei, CLC Gallery Venture, Tang Contemporary Art and Star Gallery is a curtain-raiser to AFIH Collection Initiation Program in 2021.


The dark clouds in the morning did not affect the expectation of the activity. Even the sky was smiling in the afternoon, releasing bright sunshine and clear blue sky. The AFIH guest group met in Caochangdi, and Yao Wei led us to visit White Space, EGG Gallery and Yuan Museum.


After visiting exhibition, AFIH guests gathered around the home design works in Yuan Museum and freely exchanged views on the exhibition. The unique experience of sitting directly on the exhibits also makes people realize the true meaning of integrating art into life advocated by AFIH.


The third phase of activity returned to Beijing 798, leading art lovers to visit three old galleries with different positioning, including Red Gate Gallery, PIFO Gallery and Asia Art Center, so that all friends can appreciate their unique charm.


After the exhibition, the AFIH guests entered the VIP room of Asia Art Center for an afternoon tea break. Yao Wei summed up the features and highlights of the exhibition. The three galleries selected this time all have a long operating history and are witnesses of the whole industry. Every guest particularly enjoyed this exhibition, and was impressed by the professionalism of the guide, which made the present guests harvest a lot.


AFIH Collection Initiation Program

Ms. Yao Wei, the founder of AFIH, will lead art lovers to visit three galleries selected in each period.

Ms. Yao will take you to meet her favorite galleries, artists and collectors, instead of greeting and exploring in a noisy environment,

Gallery owners, professionals or artists explain artworks, you can learn more about appreciation and collection of the context.

8-10 people from different professions as a small and boutique group will join the Beijing art lovers’ group quickly.

Participants can talk about art and enjoy the leisure afternoon tea in a comfortable and pleasant environment of galleries.

Exhibition, Exchange and Collection a unique in-depth experience in Beijing art market

In the first activity of 2020, Ms. Wei led 11 art lovers to visit three galleries, including Tabula Rasa Gallery for the new generation of artists, Pifo Gallery, one of the "10 Best Galleries to Visit at Art Basel Hong Kong", and Tokyo Gallery + Beijing Tokyo Art Projects established for 70 years. During this period, the gallery managers, curators and even the founder made in-depth explanations for the group.

The AFIH team specially invited the artists Zeng Jianyong and Zhang Tianwu to have a close exchange with the participants about the stories behind the works of art in Tokyo Gallery . They could enjoy delicious afternoon tea in a relaxed atmosphere and deeply appreciate the charm of contemporary art. 


Before the end of this activity, a member of the group, bought a watercolor work on paper called "Drink More" created by artist Long Di, was the first participant to collect artwork in the AFIH Collection Initiation Program.

Looking forward to the first activity of the AFIH Collection Initiation Program in 2021


On the afternoon of September 8, 2019, AFIH Executive Committee and Wang Fu Central jointly organized a relaxing and pleasant afternoon tea tour. We are honored to invite Du Kun, an exhibition artist of the special exhibition, and Lin Song, a senior expert in the art industry, and invited more than 10 collectors and art lovers to communicate in the form of an art salon smoothly and richly at Ten Palace, VIP club hidden in Wang Fu Central.


Ms. Yao Wei, founder of AFIH, served as the host of this art salon. Du Kun explained his paintings by series, walked through his personal experience, art creation ideas and his own interpretation of the world and life in a chronological order. Lin Song explained the composition and changes of the global and Chinese art market and the value and price of artworks.

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